Water colour practice

I haven’t got round to doing IF this week, which is very sad because it will be my first week off in sixteen. But it’s better to miss it than just put any old rubbish in. I have been very busy finishing college assignments after two weeks of school holidays. Here are some onions for watercolour practice. They go from the first one I did here, and hopefully they get better.

The next two were for an editorial on the medicinal qualities of chocolate. My first idea was to make the chocolate look extra healthy but the concept didn’t really sit right so I went for something a bit more obvious. The final peice was done in gouage and water colour pencil. Only my second attempt at using this medium but I feel confident I’m improving with it.

And here’s something I’ve just started as a favour to the kinder. These are for invitations for what was to be a bush dance. It’s chaged to a Rock and Roll dance now though so I’m really looking forward to jazzing up these guys a bit in some sixties gear and giving them some more movement.

One thought on “Water colour practice

  1. Lovely work on those onions! I think you’re a bit like me – you do the serious watercolours but also the light-hearted characters etc 🙂
    I like your chocolate pills – very striking piece.

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