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I had the best birthday recently and recieved some wonderful books. My fabulous husband gave me The Picture Book which is packed with amazingly inspiring stuff. I almost launched myself into something mixed media, collage and conceptual for IF this week, but realised the week would be up before I got round to doing that. So I stuck to the same formula. It’s good to work from direct experience though I think. The kids and I had the best trip to the supermarket this week. I was proud of the way they worked as a team to trip up the elderly people of Mornington and get in the way of their trollies. Who in their right mind shops during the school holidays anyway? The best thing was that I didn’t get up tight and upset with the kids throughout the trip and the only thing that upset me was the sour faced check-out girl. Clearly she felt she didn’t need help from a three year old.

Anyway, I have gone off the subject with a bit of a rant there. Back to all the wonderful inspiration. The other book I recieved was ‘How to grow as an illustrator‘. Of course I haven’t tried to read it yet, just looked through all the pictures. And I’m really glad I did because I googled one of the featured artists and discovered a truely beautiful collection of work. Sarajo Frieden is a name I have never com across before but I can tell you I was immediatly driven to get the paint and ink out after looking at this site. My intention was to redesign my header picture but I made a mess of it. I will be revisiting this site regularly to give me a boost again. Really beautiful. Here’s an example.

2 thoughts on “New discoveries and inspiration

  1. Thanks for the inspiration Karen, I’m going to buy myself a copy of that How to Grow as an Illustrator book!
    If you’d like to visit my blog, you’ll see I’ve given you an award!x

  2. Hi, I like your style 🙂 I was inspired by your blog so I nominated you for the Brillante Blog award (You can see it on my blog).

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