More sketching with watercolour

We just got back from a weekend in the mountains with relatives. There was supposed to be skiing but without snow that wasn’t possible. We did do alot of walking and without a telly we also did alot of reading and chatting. We were there for five days and (this is the honest truth) the kids did not moan about being without the telly once, and neither did the adults ( that s to say ‘wish we had the telly right now to calm/occupy those kids’). I did some sketching of people sitting around reading.





3 thoughts on “More sketching with watercolour

  1. What a lovely evening you must have had! All those still models to draw. It reminds me of the Bloomsbury artists whose subject matter was very similar.

  2. Great sketches, it looks like you had fun. Are you going to do ‘sour’ this week? Sorry to hear there was no snow, Global warning or just a bad year?

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