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Every so often I treat myself to some blog surfing time. I always come back to the amazingly visually inspiring crafty blogs in my bookmarks because I know that very quickly they will make me want to create and have fun with the kids. I usually start with Lucky Beans. This is a fabulous story of a family who have relocated to Africa with their three children. She has heaps of wonderful ideas and is a very talented photographer and writer. For sewing ideas Angry Chicken is very good, aswell as SouleMama. The most gorgeous rag dolls at Wee Wonderfuls and One Red Robin.

Of course if I spend too long looking at all these talented earthy mothers I try not to allow myself to feel completely inadequate. It’s great to be inspired but I have just spent half an hour in my office whilst the kids scream at each other because they need something to eat or they can’t find something because the house is a mess!

And now back to me of course. In the spirit of deciding to enjoy painting rather than agonising over it I have done this.

and I’m in the middle of this.

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog Karen – to be put in the same sentence as Wee Wonderfuls is very humbling indeed 🙂 Gosh your paintings are beautiful – I am especially smitten with the current work in progress.

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