4 Discoveries

I have recently discovered how cool Adobe Illustrator is after a painful learning process. I know it is vast and will probably take me a lifetime to get to grips with compotently but these first few steps have been great.

I have also discovered gouache paint in the last week. It is fabulous, vibrant and virsatile. But as usual I have chosen to do a really complex and difficult picture to complete inside the timeframe for an assigment. This was supposed to be finished last Friday. It’s almost done, just some swirly patterns, notes and maybe even a fairy. Hope I don’t screw it up at the final hurdle because this has taken forever!

How cute is this? I made it yesterday. Yes, when I had time to complete my assigment. The kids keep trying to sneak it away to play with it but it’s a present for a friends baby. I decided we should try and find the hundreds of rabbits and bears I have made for them. So we enthusiastically delved into the soft toy boxes and discovered lots of wonderful toys they had forgotten….and then something unimaginably yuck and smelly…. so several of them are in a bleachy froth in the washing machine as I write.

Moving swiftly on!! I also discovered the absolute joy of successful thrift shopping today. Let’s face it the interest rates are making us all take a look at our budgets. I don’t usually take on thrift shops happily, I’d rather moan about having rubbish clothes and no money to buy anything new. But today I went for it and managed to get some really great stuff for $30! I am a very happy lady.

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