I can honestly say I have been trying too hard to do too much recently. Having got through a weekend of putting my work into an exhibition and all the confronting emotions that go along with that…’Who does she think she is?’ ‘Oh dear…that’s just rubbish’. I’ve been taking it all far too seriously. I had a couple of chats with local artists who had been exhibiting work for a while and aren’t attached or worried about what people think at all. I tried so hard to produce what I felt was ‘real art’ and although I learnt alot from the painting process, the end result didn’t have the sense of light and energy I would have liked at all. The concern and worry all came out and made rather sad looking pictures which I certainly wouldn’t want on my walls. I also got behind with my college work and have had this awful drowning feeling – trying to be there for the kids, my husband, parents, college, house, exhibition and not enjoying any of it! Sooo, on reflection, it’s time to lighten up, enjoy painting and drawing for the fun of it, when I have the time. Sometimes the loveliest things can happen when you just pick up a sketch book to draw the ordinary things around you..

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  1. You’re right, you’ve just got to remember what the most important things are and remember why you’re doing it. This is a lovely sketch that you’ll find in a few years time and see how more beautiful it gets with time. (That’s what happened to me when I drew my own children!) 🙂

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