‘Electricity’ for IF

I may have missed a perfect opportunity to produce something wild, dramatic…electrifying even. So instead you’ll have to settle for my Auntie Margaret. She was ahead of her time and did her very best to conserve electricity. She insisted she didn’t need to turn the lights on until 6pm, even though in England during the winter it gets dark by 4pm.

5 thoughts on “‘Electricity’ for IF

  1. I did that a lot in my first apartment. There was one night where the electricity had gone out and mine was the only apartment still lit. A neighbor came knocking to find out how and showed me the neighborhood was out. It was kind of cool to see how I managed to be the only one not to notice.

  2. Ha! In the winter we often have our lights on all day!!
    I love this drawing, she loks so engroosed in what she’s doing, it’s lovely! 🙂

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