I am completely addicted to my lovely digital camera but I rarely share any of the more arty pictures I take. I look at them occasionally and hope to get round to using them for some painting. If anyone is in any doubt about how fabulous Australia is, here are a couple of examples of the amazing contrasts, colours and textures.

Squeaky Beach, Wilsons Prom, Victoria, Australia

Burnt Gum Trees in the snow. Mount Buffalo, Victoria, Australia

3 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Sandra, thankyou for your comment. I have an Olympus SP-500UZ. It’s two years old now but works like a dream and I’ve taken thousands of pictures and carry it around everywhere. I had a look at your blog and realised you are the same person who commented on my painting post. Good luck to your amazing daughter.

  2. I just got myself a digital camera, my first ever. A Nikon Coolpix L18. I’m trying to get into photography – not very good at it but I love taking pictures. Love capturing moments.

    And that picture of the trees?
    AH-Mazing! I love it.

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