Sketching with ink and watercolour


I have a college assignment to complete and in all the madness that has been going on with visitors and sickness I haven’t given it much thought. Isn’t it odd when something seems to be sitting at the back of your mind troubling you insiration comes out of nowhere. The assigment is about representing an environment through abstract colours, shapes and words. I had already decided to work with the southern Australian coastline and all it’s brilliant colour and wildness, I just wasn’t sure where to start. Then I had a look at the wonderful work of Jessica Stride this morning. Alot of her work is inspired by the southern coast of Devon, England – which by coincidence is where I grew up. The colours in her work are just wonderful. So I have been splashing about with a bit of ink and watercolour this afternoon in an attempt to put some groundwork down for this assigment. I think I might be getting somewhere with this last one.

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